Polymer clay house cane tutorial

This Polymer clay house cane is perfect as this summer project! The tutorial from Anna Oriona is something that I want to try. It is a colorful, fun and a little abstract as she describes it.

I want jewelry covered with this polymer clay house cane to accessorize my outfit!

For this type of project you will first need to create a drawing and then starting from a corner to recreate it in clay. Don’t be afraid of the complexity, there’s always a easy way. In this case if you use large amount of clay it is easy to keep an eye to the details

For full tutorial click here.

The polymer clay house cane in the picture is approximately 2×2 cm.

Look at this bracelets how nice they are! I would wear them all summer! They are two cm high, actually the length of the block.

Below is a innovative idea of jewelry set. The design of the earrings is so beautiful! I would also create a brooch and a ring. Depending on your outfit the bracelet may or may not be seen, but a brooch you can always use on top.

Close your eyes and imagine how nice would look a necklace with this Polymer clay house cane. Be honest and tell me it is a statement necklace what you imagined?

You can use whatever colors you want to decorate, this is just to inspire you.
I would most probably add some flower canes on the bottom of the cane.

You can use the polymer clay canes to embellish your jewelry.

If you are in the canes mood as I am today, here you can find more canes ideas.

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