DIY 20 fimo clock ideas

I always feel the urge to know what is the time. There is a strong connection between people and time. The clock is not only an indicator of the time but can serve as a decorative element. I am always rushing somewhere and I have to “stay in contact” with the clok. I lost a lot of time looking for the clock that will perfectly match with my home design. Now, after few years, I’m bored of the same old design and I’m thinking of changing it.  What about you? Why don’t you make your old, boring clock to look like a piece of art?

You can find for purchase thousands of shapes and designs, but the one that has your design for sure will be the best. Take your time and answer to the question: “Will you buy one or will you create one?”.  Why not make your unique clock by yourself? The possibilities are multiple, I only collected 4 interesting and creative DIY fimo/ polymer clay clock ideas that could serve as an inspiration.

Let’s get to work! Below are some truly unique clocks you may want on your wall:

1. fimo clock – artist: amusedcreations

2. fimo clock – artist: Carolyn Bond

3. fimo clock – artist: Mary Johnson

4. fimo clock – artist: MysticDreamerArt

5. fimo clock – artist:

6. polymer clay clock – artist:

7. fimo clock – artist: MysticDreamerArt

8. fimo clock – artist: aMused Creations

9. fimo clock – artist: MysticDreamerArt

10. fimo clock – artist:

11. fimo clock – artist: FlowertownOriginals

12. fimo clock – artist: Carolyn Bond

13. fimo clock – artist: Angela Hickey

DIY 20 fimo clock ideas

14. fimo clock – artist:

15. fimo clock – artist:

16. fimo clock – artist:

17. fimo clock – artist:

18. fimo clock – artist:

19. fimo clock – artist:

20. polymer clay clock – artist:

What do you think about this collection of polymer clay clock ideas to decorate your home? Did I found your creative quest? Hurry up the clock is ticking :))

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