Polymer clay miniature flowers in pots

Due to my passion of home gardening I absolutely enjoyed this lovely polymer clay miniature flowers in pots. If you have kids and they have a doll house, this will be such a nice project to do it together. Yep, some polymer clay miniature flowers in pots will be a nice decor for your kids doll house or for a fairy garden. They are really adorable and realistic.

I hope you’ll enjoy this collection of Polymer clay miniature flowers in pots! And if you do, fell free to order them over NattyCollection shop on Etsy.

I’m a fan of home gardening although it’s not the best speech because I live in an apartment, but I will confess that I have a lovely corner with flowers in pots. And I’ll definitely have one of polymer clay miniature flowers in pots

If you are in the crafting mood and need some help, you can use this link for free polymer clay tutorials.

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