Polymer Clay Fish Tutorial

Dear reader, it’s time to make your own polymer clay fish. I hope you find this polymer clay fish tutorial easy and that you’ll try it. After all practice make perfection!

You need 2 colors and with polymer clay. Make two blocks of gradient clay as shown in the next figure

For the next step cut a sheet of the color and roll it as shown in the next photo.

Once you have the rolls all that remains is to cut them in thin strips.

In next step you have to form the fish body as shown in the next photo. The dimensions of the body depends on what you need it for.

For next step layer slices o the body like scales. For the best effect start layering from he tail and work towards the head.

For the tail you have to combine and flatten the rest of the roll cane.

Cut slice of the cane and squish one end of each slice. This will be the tail and fins for your polymer clay fish.

Add eyes and the mouth to your polymer clay fish.

Here are some variations of colors to inspire you!

All the thanks to creatorsjoy.blogspot.ro!


I hope you enjoy this polymer clay fish tutorial! I would be grateful to see what’s the result of your work.

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If you have creations that you ant to share don’t hesitate to contact me! Until next time, I wish you all a magic polymer clay day! Keep creating and share with us your lovely ideas

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