Polymer clay gardenia tutorial

It’s not a new thing for you that I love flowers, so you will not be surprised either of today’s tutorial: polymer clay gardenia tutorial

Gardenia is a plant highly valued for its beauty. Lately I met it more often in friends’ homes but before I found this wonderful tutorial I never thought to use it in my projects. Let’s learn how to make a polymer clay gardenia hair clip.

For this project the artist used white, yellow and red polymer clay and mix them.

For the future petals of the gardenia she divided the piece into eighteen pieces: six large, 6 medium and 6 small

Further, she made a drop out of each piece of clay .

She spred out the large part of the drop whit her finger

Then gently push the upper part of the petal.

She took the first six petals ( the smaller ones) and turn them in a row at the same height and then she gathered them into a bud.

She took the next six petals and make a row above the bud

And, finally, the turn to the big petals has come! This time put the petals with the heart inside.

When the flower is done cut the extra amount of clay, bake it and add the hair clip.

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I hope you enjoyed this polymer clay gardenia tutorial! See you next time!

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