Cute polymer clay brooches

The more I search for ideas, the more I get surprise by the creativity I find. It’s time for some cute polymer clay brooches on our endless list of possibilities.

  • Link and The Zora Prince DUO Friendship Brooch Pins Polymer Clay, Brooch, Link Brooch, Prince Sidon Brooch, Zelda Brooch, Fandom Brooch, Brooch Pins inspired by the characters from Breath of the Wild, Cute polymer clay brooches

  • Angel in a Trench Coat Brooch Pin Polymer Clay, Brooch Pin, Supernatural Brooch, Castiel Brooch, Nerd Brooch, Fandom Brooch, Cute polymer clay brooch

  • Mystic Messenger inspired Brooch Pin polymer clay

  • The Magizoologist Brooch Pin Polymer Clay, Brooch, Newt Scamander Brooch, Fantastic Beasts Brooch, Harry Potter Brooch, Fandom Brooch Pin. Brooch Pin based on the character of Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts.

  • Haikyu!! inspired Brooch Pin polymer clay, Cute polymer clay brooch

You get one brooch and you can have it with your lucky number.

  • Detective and the Doctor DUO Friendship Brooch Pins // Polymer Clay, Brooch, Sherlock Brooch, Wastson Brooch, Nerd Brooch, Fandom Brooch Pin, Cute polymer clay brooches

What do you think about this cute polymer clay brooches? If you like them, you would be glad to know you can buy any of them on Etsy.

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