Polymer clay bracelets with a story

Jewelry usually tells the people around us a story about how we are and what’s the mood we are in. It’s our way to communicate without words. I recently found this polymer clay bracelets with a story that I want to share with you. Jekaterina Cuikova, the creator of the bracelets I’m sharing here it’s an amazing artist!  Take a look on her flicker page to see a lot of other nice really nice staff!

Polymer clay bracelets with a story

  • red polymer clay bracelet

  • polymer clay fool moon bracelet

  • polymer clay bracelet home sweet home

  • black polymer clay bracelet with white cats


Hope you enjoyed this collection of polymer clay bracelets with a story ideas!

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Until next time I wish you all to be creative! I’m always open to suggestion, please leave a comment. Your opinion is valuable for me.

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