Polymer clay bubbles jewelry

I have found my next project: polymer clay bubbles jewelry! That’s what I love the most in handmade jewelry, there are always so many choices! And these jewelry look like they come from the future to make your day!

I love browsing without searching for something special, I always find some special things which deserve sharing.

Can I have one of this in black and white please?

The bubble beads are precious, but the bracelets have that personal touch which deserve to be highlighted. I would love to have one in black!

We all can agree that this jewels are a unique way to express your personality, but I have a huge curiosity: where would you wear this polymer clay bubbles jewelry for the first time? I’m sure whatever the occasion you would choose, the amount of passion and the hard work done in creation of this jewelry would be appreciated.

If you wonder, I found this lovely bubbles on Flickr. Eva Haskova is one artist that you should follow, she has lots of inspiring jewelry designs.

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