Polymer clay chrysanthemum tutorial

Dear ones, I’m in a huge urge to share this polymer clay chrysanthemum tutorial because the result is so realistic that you won’t believe! Before moving on, I have to add that Chrysanthemum are not for those who are impatient. They have a lot of petals and they need to be added one by one! You can not cheat on this one, but I guarantee that if you fallow the steps you will have a beautiful chrysanthemum.

Lots of thanks to urokilepki.ru for creating and sharing this nice and simple polymer clay chrysanthemum tutorial.

To DIY your own polymer clay chrysanthemum  you will need:
– two colors of polymer clay (white and green)
– cutter and scissor
– roller ping or pasta machine
– wire and colored strip in green (only if you want to make a real flower, you will use it for the tulip)

Let’s get started with the tutorial. We’ll skip the tulip and leaves part because it’s well detailed in the pictures.

Polymer clay chrysanthemum tutorial

Step 1

With the two colors of clay you need to create a gradient sheet and a create three different color ball out of it. I’ll move over this part because I have detailed it in this article.  The darker ball it will be the center of the flower. Take a scissor and make a bud pattern (first picture on the fourth row).

Step 2

We will create now the first row of petals. You will need for this step to create a rectangular sheet and cut the fringes to one side. Then you have to stretch the tip of the fringes and apply the fringes piece of clay along the bud.

Step 3

For this step you will use the lightest color of the three. You will need create a cylinder out of the clay and then you will stretch the sides (the middle remains thicker). If you put it on your feet, you will have the shape of a petal. Take the cutter and cut some small pieces in width. This will be your flower petals. You have to apply them one by one to your bud and repeat the process with some white clay.

If you got here, it means you’ve done your first polymer clay chrysanthemum. Oh dear, we will have to find something else to make!

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