Polymer clay colorful rings

This collection of polymer clay colorful rings is amazing! Underline your individuality with handmade jewelry! These rings are unique and delicate accessories created with artificial handmade flowers.

In this collection you will find polymer clay colorful rings with lily of the valley, forget me nots blue flowers, lilac, ranunculus, jasmine, iris, cherry blossom, peony, anemone, orchid, chrysanthemum, cornflower and snowdrops. It’s nice to have flowers that lasts forever! Enjoy the collection of polymer clay colorful rings and order the one that fits to your dress from IrynaFleur shop on Etsy.

  • Ring with Peony – Rings – Women Accessories – Flower Floral Rings – Gift – Flower Wedding Ring

  • Snowdrop Handmade Ring. Fashion Flower Floral Ring. Women Accessories. Cold porcelain.

  • Cornflower Blue Floral Ring, Handmade Flowers, Cute Rings

  • Orchid Ring, Adjustable Flower Rings, orchid white flowers jewelry, unique and delicate

  • lily of the valley ring, small miniature – tiny flowers, lily of valley ring, Adjustable statement ring

  • miniature flower ring, adjustable ring, mini flowers, pale pink flowers

  • Handmade Ring. Fashion Flower Floral Ring. Women Accessories. Cold porcelain.

  • Ranunculus Flower Ring, Blush Pink Jewelry, Red Jewelry Set, Floral Jewelry, Shabby Chic Jewelry, Gift For Her, Gift For Girlfriend

  • Statement Flower Ring with jasmine, spring Gift for her, handmade Unique delicate jewelry

  • Polymer clay colorful rings, Iris flower ring, floral unique delicate rings, gift for her, floral flowers Jewelry

Here is a collection of iris flower jewelry that you may like.

  • peony ring, adjustable flower ring, peony pink flowers jewelry, unique and delicate ring, gift for her

  • Flower Ring – Large Peony, Unique Ring, Modern Ring, Fashion Ring, Elegant Ring

Here is a nice and easy step by step tutorial on how to create a peony

  • polymer clay colorful rings, cherry blossom ring, white flower, women ring, cherry blossom jewelry

Here is a collection of cherry blossom jewelry that you may like.

  • floral ring, anemone ring, anemone jewelry, blue flower jewelry, floral jewelry,sky blue floral flower

  • Chrysanthemum Flower Ring, Floral Jewelry

  • Polymer clay colorful rings, Forget Me Not Ring, Adjustable Flower Rings, forget me nots blue flowers jewelry, unique and delicate

Here is a collection of forget me nots jewelry that you may like.

What do you think about this polymer clay colorful rings? They are lovely! Isn’t it? I can’t get enough of them!

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