Polymer clay dangle geometric earrings on Etsy

This polymer clay dangle geometric earrings will be a perfect fit for someone who loves statement jewelry and not afraid to express themselves with bold accessory pieces. These large geometric terrazzo earrings will be a great statement piece to complement any outfit.

These polymer clay dangle geometric earrings are unique and one-of-a-kind pair. Since they are handmade the risk of going over someone who carries the same pair as you is very low. This is actually one of the best parts when you are creating your own jewelry, you never risk hiding your creations. In addition, when you happen to lose an earring is no longer a tragedy, you can fix it immediately. It’s like having 3 earrings in a pair. Even so, did not anyone think of making a pair of 3 earrings? This way you always have a reserve for moments when you can not find your pair;)

Elena and Pedro are the artists that created all of this polymer clay dangle geometric earrings. CraftverkStudio is an amazing shop on Etsy where you can order them. Enjoy the polymer clay dangle geometric earrings collection and happy shopping!

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