Polymer clay knit jewelry

 Cold season trends include polymer clay knit jewelry. Although they seem knitted, the jewels in this article are actually made of clay following a special technique that differs from classic knitting.

If you decide to do it yourself some pieces of jewelry with this knitting pattern you should know that you need an extruder to create the “thread”. It’s important the thread you are working with to be the same size allover. This way you can avoid that the jewels appear to be made by a beginner.
Such accessories give a chic look to any outfit. Enjoy the collection and buy some from TheCraftyBeeOnline shop on Etsy.
  • Polymer clay knit jewelry – hang earrings

From the collection of earrings earrings I noticed hearts and circles in various colors. In Sara’s store you will find many more variants.

  • Polymer clay knit jewelry – stud earrings

  • Polymer clay knit jewelry pendants

  • Polymer clay knit jewelry – rings

What do you think? I find them suitable for a cold winter day

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