Polymer clay mosaic earrings

A perfect pair of colorful and simple polymer clay mosaic earrings are the thing in 2020! This earrings are super light on the ear, don’t be afraid to to abuse them whenever you feel the need to stand out in a way that does not seem like you have done too much effort. The entire simple polymer clay mosaic earrings are handmade and will give a unique touch to your outfit

I’m telling you, they are the perfect earrings to get you noticed. They are a powerful statement for those who like to stand out from the crowd. Choose your favorite colors and you’ll look super classy and will stand out with any evening outfit.

Enjoy the collection and buy some from CraftverkStudio shop

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I loved every single piece of this lovely collection of polymer clay mosaic earrings. If you are a fan of handmade jewelry, you can use this link for lovely flower ideas or you can use this link for free polymer clay tutorials in order to create your unique jewelry.

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