Polymer clay snowflake jewelry for winter

I love this polymer clay snowflake jewelry for winter! This stylish accessories and a very suitable piece of jewelry for this season. They can be a great gift for Christmas. This frozen jewelry are entirely handmade from polymer clay. There are no paints, all snowflakes are made of clay itself. And they are so beautiful and realistic, a truly eye-catcher!

The winter brooch with snowflakes is a very suitable winter accessory and great Christmas gift for mom or for your friend or relative. Even if they wear jewelry rarely, this brooch can become their favorite accessory for the winter months. She is suitable for scarfs, clothes or handbag from textile.

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If you enjoyed this selection of polymer clay snowflake jewelry for winter, you can order any of the items presented here on Etsy or you can create them from clay. If you decide to create your own, please share with us the result! If you didn’t start yet working with clay, here are some nice tutorials to convince you that it’s easy and fun.

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