Polymer clay square earrings

These polymer clay square earrings are handmade with polymer clay. Earrings are finished with water based varnish to get a glossy look and they are so delicate. These earrings are perfect for any occasion, ideal for every day use.

This collection includes three ideas: the simple polymer clay square earrings, the ones with a gold vintage touch and the striped ones. Enjoy them! If you are desperate to have some, you can order any of the items presented in this article in Etsy. Skietromart is the shop where you can find them.

  • Polymer clay square earrings with a gold vintage touch

Polymer clay square earrings


  • Polymer clay square earrings simple and stilish

  • Polymer clay square earrings with colored stripes

This one is my favorite due to my obsession on black and white jewelry. If you also share my obsession, here is a nice collection of black and white earrings.

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If you are in the beginning with clay work, here is a nice list of tutorial that will help you with your projects. Enjoy them and until next time I wish you all a creative day!

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