Polymer clay duckling tutorial

Today I’ve thought about making a tutorial that will cheer you up, so I’ve decided to show you how to make your own cute polymer clay duckling!
They are adorable and you can use them to decorate your children’s room, they would love them!
Besides, the polymer clay duckling is incredibly easy to make. Let’s have a closer look!

First of all, the “ingredients“:

– yellow, orange, black and white polymer clay
– a ball shape modelling tool
– a cutter

Step 1 ~ Head and body: Shape two pieces of yellow polymer clay: an oval one (the duckling’s body) and a round one (its tiny head).

Step 2 ~ Mouth & nose: You will need now a piece of the orange polymer clay. Shape it into a flattened pyramid and add it onto the head.
Use the cutter to give the duckling a
cute smile. Then use the ball shape modelling tool to press on the pyramid you’ve previously made, so that it will turn into the duckling’s
mouth. You can use a toothpick to drill the upper side of the orange polymer clay – this will be the nose.

Step 3 ~ Eyes: Use the ball shape modelling on the polymer clay duckling’s head to shape its eyes. Use the black and white polymer clay to create small
balls. Place the black ones on the inner side of the shaped circles you’ve made at Step 2. Then add the white ones onto them.

Step 4 ~ Legs: Make two small balls using the orange polymer clay. Press onto them and then cut two semi-circles on the left and right side
on both of them. These will be the duckling’s legs. Add them at the bottom of the ducling’s body.

Step 5 ~ Wings: Use the yellow polymer clay and shape the duckling’s wings. Add them on its body sides.

Polymer clay duckling tutorial

And here you have your very own polymer clay duckling! It is easy to make and the children will love it!

I’ve found my inspiration here! 🙂

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