Polymer clay flower cane tutorial

Hi there! Today I will show you how to create your own polymer clay flower cane to use it in your future projects. I personally find it extremely special and I’ve already found a couple of uses for it. You can either slice it in tiny pieces, so you can create fancy jewellery out of it, or use it as a whole for your house decoration. It’s up to you!

But first things first, let’s check the ingredients we need in order to create the polymer clay cane!

– white, black, purple and orange polymer clay

Polymer clay flower cane tutorial

Polymer clay flower cane tutorial

Step 1: Shape the polymer clay into shapes of different sizes, so that it will be easier to model it

Step 2: Model the purple polymer clay ball into a cylinder and the orange one into tinyer cylinders. The
white polymer clay will be chaped into flat parallelipipeds. All these are needed to offer the cane a tridimmensional shape.

Step 3: Use the orange and the white polymer clay to create the flower’s filament. Place them into the purple polymer clay, then wrap it
up with the black one, so that you will get a more realistic effect.

Step 4: Compress the cane with your hand and stop when you get the wanted size of it. This will also depend on the amount of
polymer clay you use!

Step 5: Steps 2-4 represent just one petal. Repeat them five more times, so you will have a number of six petals. Also, you have to create the center of the flower. In order to do this, you will need a white cylinder-shaped polymer clay.

Step 6: Gather all the petals around the white cylinder, in order to get the flower shape. Last, but not least, wrap it up with white polymer clay.

Voile! Here is your cute polymer clay floral cane! There is a bit more work to do, but I guarantee that the final result is worth it! Me and my
friends love it! Do you find any other use for these canes? 🙂

I’ve found my inspiration here

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