18K plated Earrings One of a Kind Bush Blossoms on a Misty Green Background Flowers Jewellery Handmade in Italia Australia Statement Earring

18K gold plated earrings

This world of handmade jewelry has developed a lot in the last years. You’ll be amazed to find out that this collection of 18k gold plated earrings are entirely handmade. The artist who created the jewelry has a cozy Etsy shop EmbroideryClay .  If you are not convinced yet let’s watch together the collection and I bet

Colourful Stud Earrings Tropical fish miniature coral reef fish Clay handmade Jewelry gift Valentines day gift for mom for her cute gifts polymer clay fish earrings

Polymer clay fish earrings

As I as you are used to, I have already prepared a nice collection of polymer clay fish earrings. The artist who created the jewelry has a cozy Etsy shop EmbroideryClay .  Let’s watch together this miniature tropical fish exposition and if you decide that you desperately need one visit the shop at that moment it’s possible to also

Polymer clay monstera earrings, 3 pair set polymer clay earrings earring studs monstera studs monstera earrings polymer clay Hawaii studs studs

Polymer clay monstera earrings

I sow a lot of jewelry having this type of leaf but until gathering ideas for this collection of polymer clay monstera earrings I never knew it’s name. The actual name of the plant is monstera deliciosa, but it’s also known as the Swiss cheese plant. You can find more items to add to this collection

Polymer clay half moon earrings

Polymer clay half moon earrings

This polymer clay half moon earrings are missing from your jewelry box! They will be a perfect fit for your bold moment. I’ll choose the firs pair and I’m sure I’ll be envied by all the girls. Enjoy the collection of half moon earrings and buy your favorite from CraftverkStudio shop on Etsy.  Small half moon earrings,

polymer clay fake agate fimo agate fimo stone polymer clay fake stone

Fake polymer clay agate tutorial

Today we will learn together how to create agate stone. This fake polymer clay agate tutorial will start a new area within your creations. The sky is the limit! For this fake polymer clay agate tutorial you will need: clay: translucent, white, purple (or any other color of your choice) cutter Pasta machine or roller First

Polymer clay unusual necklace ideas

Polymer clay unusual necklace ideas

I have found recently some polymer clay unusual necklace created by a Russian artist that I want to share with you. The pieces are available for buying over the livemaster platform. Enjoy the collection , be bold and dare to be different! Warm polymer clay necklace in natural colors. It sits nicely on the neck, looks

Faux polymer clay Lapis Lazuli tutorial DIY

Faux polymer clay Lapis Lazuli tutorial DIY

I really want to share with you a cool way to create your own faux stone jewelry. This tutorial shows you an easy way on how to create faux polymer clay Lapis Lazuli.  It is created by some talented artist from desiredcreations.com For this faux polymer clay Lapis Lazuli tutorial you will need a cutter , different shades of blue clay, translucent

polymer clay mosaic earrings

Polymer clay mosaic earrings

A perfect pair of colorful and simple polymer clay mosaic earrings are the thing in 2020! This earrings are super light on the ear, don’t be afraid to to abuse them whenever you feel the need to stand out in a way that does not seem like you have done too much effort. The entire simple

Statement polymer clay earrings tassels earrings clay earrings druzy translucent earrings black terrazzo earrings geometric dangle earrings

Polymer clay tassel earrings

I’m telling you, this polymer clay tassel earrings are the perfect earrings that gets you a lovely look without any effort. They are a powerful statement for those who love a bit of color in their lives. I’ll choose the third pair. Although the colors are not classy, I’m sure I’ll stand out with any

Polymer clay faux jasper DIY tutorial

Polymer clay faux jasper DIY tutorial

I’m not sure if I told you yet about a blog I love and I inspire from. This polymer clay faux jasper DIY tutorial is from a very talented artist I find online.  Polymerclaysmooshers has some lovely free tutorials you can inspire from. I could bet you are not convinced yet and in order to support my idea