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Polymer clay triangle ring

Hello ladies! You haven’t seen anything new for some time, but I have the best excuse: I’m redecorating my studio.  Enough about me, let’s keep it to the subject: polymer clay triangle ring. They have beautiful patterns, lovely colors and by wearing them you will attract all the attention. These beautiful collection “polymer clay triangle ring” is made just for you.

Ranunculus Flower Ring, Blush Pink Jewelry, Red Jewelry Set, Floral Jewelry, Shabby Chic Jewelry, Gift For Her, Gift For Girlfriend

Polymer clay colorful rings

This collection of polymer clay colorful rings is amazing! Underline your individuality with handmade jewelry! These rings are unique and delicate accessories created with artificial handmade flowers. In this collection you will find polymer clay colorful rings with lily of the valley, forget me nots blue flowers, lilac, ranunculus, jasmine, iris, cherry blossom, peony, anemone, orchid, chrysanthemum, cornflower and

Pink rose bracelet, Polymer clay jewelry, Rose flower bracelet, Girls pink bracelet, Beaded floral bracelet, Gift for her, Bangle bracelet

Pink polymer clay jewelry

I have prepared a nice collection of pink polymer clay jewelry that I want to share with you. No molds or stamps are used for the creation of the pieces in this collection, so you get truly unique thing. Every tiny detail of these pieces of jewelry is hand-sculpted using oven-hardened polymer clay. This delicate pieces of jewelry are

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Polymer clay knit jewelry

 Cold season trends include polymer clay knit jewelry. Although they seem knitted, the jewels in this article are actually made of clay following a special technique that differs from classic knitting. If you decide to do it yourself some pieces of jewelry with this knitting pattern you should know that you need an extruder to create

Polymer Clay Ring, Spiral Ring, Fashion Ring, Modern Ring, Abstract Ring, Blue ring

Polymer clay spiral ring – ideas for a big fashion statement

I had always loved beautiful and unique handmade jewelry. This section of polymer clay spiral ring ideas is especially for those who want a bold and imposing look. A polymer clay spiral ring will continue to highlight your outfit all day long drawing envious glances. Make a big fashion statement with a oversize polymer clay spiral ring. Express your creativity through

Vintage mint earrings with camomile flowers, polymer clay earrings, brass earrings

Vintage mint polymer clay jewelry set

Today I want to share with you the prettiest vintage mint polymer clay jewelry set! The background of the each jewelry is in mint and they all have applied in embroidery technique small and delicate chamomile flowers. They have a very nice pattern and a very nice color combination and they are entirely hand made.

Polymer clay Lilac flowers jewelry – Polymer clay Lilac hair pin – mauve floral hair pin

Polymer clay Lilac flowers jewelry

A handmade jewelry is easily recognized by a passionate accessory person. The details, the quality of the items, the more elaborate models than the mass-made jewelry are just a few reasons to choose a handmade jewelry. The design of the accessories you choose to wear can be a substitute for a business card. These being said, you’ll

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Polymer clay flowers bouquet ring

This collection of polymer clay flowers bouquet ring accessories are created for a romantic, fragile and delicate person.They are perfect with fluffy light dress or air skirt. They will strengthen the delicate appearance of the outfit. I have collected them from a handmade flower jewelry shop on Etsy, OrxideykaStudio. Feel free to order them out there. Exclusive handmade flower

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