Light Blue Clay Hydrangeas Silver 925 jewelry set – earrings and broach

Polymer clay Hydrangeas jewelry

Check out this amazing collection of polymer clay Hydrangeas jewelry to inspire you on your next clay projects. There’s no limit wile working with clay. Today’s collection is created by an artist I’ve found while browsing on Etsy. I encourage you to look over the page MuseArtCollection. Beside the items presented here, there are many other nice

peony wedding boutonniere,rustic bridesmaid,bridal flowers

Polymer clay wedding boutonniere

It’s first article on polymer clay wedding boutonniere, but I promise it wouldn’t be the last. I have prepare for you a nice collection in order to convince you that Iryna Fleur it’s an amazing artist!  All the flowers below are created by her hands from polymer clay. And I’m amazed by the realistic look they have! I could

Hedgehog necklace, polymer clay Hedgehog gifts, Hedgehog jewelry, Hedgehog accessories, rainbow Hedgehog art, forest animal, rainbow artwork

Polymer clay jewelry in an unique style

Alisa (Liskaflower) is a Russian artists that creates polymer clay jewelry in an unique style that you most likely haven’t seen before. I admire her for the creativity and for the style of jewelry that became her own signature. She makes tiny pieces of clay in different colors, she curls each pattern by hands and then she combine

The night blushes. Handmade applique flowery clay necklace.

Applique floral clay jewelry

I want to share with you a lovely applique floral clay jewelry collection I have discovered recently over Tishaia shop on Etsy. Take a look at her shop, there are much more lovely creations there and are waiting for someone to take them home. The sunset. Handmade applique flowery clay brooch. The warm orange cabochon with delicate blue,

Polymer clay jewelry set with pansies – red pansies pin – red pansies earrings – red pansies pendant – flower jewelery

Polymer clay jewelry with pansies

We continue our collections with some polymer clay jewelry with pansies. The pansies are handmade petals with petals and represent nature in their evolution. This polymer clay jewelry with pansies collection is splitted by color into four parts: light red and dark red pansies jewelry, white and mauve pansies jewelry, purple pansies jewelry and purple and turquoise pansies jewelry. You will

Polymer clay girls face brooch

Polymer clay girl face brooch

Ladies, this polymer clay girl face brooch needs to be appreciated and shared. This beauties are a must-have of our times! It will look stunning on any outfit! You can wear it over a simple dress, a sweater, a simple blouse, a scarf or a T-shirt. And another nice idea and a more personal one is to wear

Polymer clay miniature bouquet brooch – Bouquet with peonies and ranunculus

Polymer clay miniature bouquet brooch

I’m in the mood of creating jewelry and this polymer clay miniature bouquet brooch have made my day. A bright mini bouquet will definitely makes yours too. All brooches presented here are made by hand, without any molds. bouquet with peonies and roses lilac bouquet A bouquet of aubergines Miniature bouquet with white and pink Ranunculus Miniature bouquet with

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