polymer clay fool moon bracelet

Polymer clay bracelets with a story

Jewelry usually tells the people around us a story about how we are and what’s the mood we are in. It’s our way to communicate without words. I recently found this polymer clay bracelets with a story that I want to share with you. Jekaterina Cuikova, the creator of the bracelets I’m sharing here it’s an

Faux polymer clay Lapis Lazuli tutorial DIY fimo lapis lazlui faux stone polymer clay stone fimo lapis lazuli tutorial diy fauz stone lapis lazuli bracelet

Faux polymer clay Lapis Lazuli tutorial DIY

I really want to share with you a cool way to create your own faux stone jewelry. This tutorial shows you an easy way on how to create faux polymer clay Lapis Lazuli.  It is created by some talented artist from desiredcreations.com For this faux polymer clay Lapis Lazuli tutorial you will need a cutter , different shades of blue clay, translucent

Pink rose bracelet, Polymer clay jewelry, Rose flower bracelet, Girls pink bracelet, Beaded floral bracelet, Gift for her, Bangle bracelet

Pink polymer clay jewelry

I have prepared a nice collection of pink polymer clay jewelry that I want to share with you. No molds or stamps are used for the creation of the pieces in this collection, so you get truly unique thing. Every tiny detail of these pieces of jewelry is hand-sculpted using oven-hardened polymer clay. This delicate pieces of jewelry are

Polymer clay bangle – Bracelet – Colorful – Art jewelry – Statement piece – High end – Gift for her – mauve2

Amazing polymer clay bangle

Choose from this amazing polymer clay bangle ideas if you’re looking for statement jewelry or something trendy and easy to wear. It can be a beautiful gift for her and it combines with almost every personal style! Such a bracelet can easily transform a trivial outfit into an extravagant outfit. The bracelets are handmade, made

Gift for her Peony bracelet Purple flower bracelet Rose bracelet Wedding bracelet Bridal bracelet Polymer clay jewelry Spring flowers clay

Polymer clay floral bracelets

When it comes to flowers I can not stop … So we continue today with a new collections of polymer clay floral bracelets. We love flowers and this bracelets have them all: bright pink roses, fabulous lilac irises, light pink lilacs, purple peonies, vanilla roses, lilacs, white and pink tiny flowers, warm red rose, pink and pale blue flowers.

Light Green Bracelet, Silver Tone Bracelet, Pale Green Bracelet, Filigree Bracelet, Gift for Her, Polymer Clay Jewelry, Art Deco Bracelet

Polymer clay cabochon bracelet

This polymer clay cabochon bracelet collection is one you can’t miss. All the positive emotions of the author are stored in a simple and elegant object that will give a joyful note of your outfit I’m running out of time with all the projects I have in mind, so this time I’ll be short: they are great! If

Polymer clay Lilac flowers jewelry – Polymer clay Lilac hair pin – mauve floral hair pin

Polymer clay Lilac flowers jewelry

A handmade jewelry is easily recognized by a passionate accessory person. The details, the quality of the items, the more elaborate models than the mass-made jewelry are just a few reasons to choose a handmade jewelry. The design of the accessories you choose to wear can be a substitute for a business card. These being said, you’ll

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