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Polymer clay leaf beads

I have prepared a new collection and this time I went for polymer clay leaf beads. You can use this beads as stand alone pendants or you can combine them with floral beads to create a bold statement jewelry. If you are not in the creation mood and you need any of this items for your next

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Polymer clay cane beads

When I first started working with clay I sow some amazing polymer clay cane beads and did’t know how they were made. I didn’t know what are canes and how one can use them. Polymer clay canes are long shapes of clay that have the same patter on the entire length. The most commune canes are round

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Polymer clay knitted beads necklace

Check out this polymer clay knitted beads necklace. It’s a unique way to express your creativity. A single word that would characterize this necklaces it will be cozy. They give me that felling you have when you are at home surrounded by loved ones. Any of this will be a great idea for mother’s day. The good news about

Faux polymer clay Lapis Lazuli tutorial DIY fimo lapis lazlui faux stone polymer clay stone fimo lapis lazuli tutorial diy fauz stone lapis lazuli bracelet

Faux polymer clay Lapis Lazuli tutorial DIY

I really want to share with you a cool way to create your own faux stone jewelry. This tutorial shows you an easy way on how to create faux polymer clay Lapis Lazuli.  It is created by some talented artist from desiredcreations.com For this faux polymer clay Lapis Lazuli tutorial you will need a cutter , different shades of blue clay, translucent

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Polymer clay asymmetric beads necklace

Let’s continue our collection of handmade jewelry with some polymer clay asymmetric beads necklace ideas. Any of the pieces presented are perfect for a effortless messy look. They are a powerful statement for those who love to get out of the usual lines. The colors combinations are classy, so I’m sure that any of them will stand out

The night blushes. Handmade applique flowery clay necklace.

Applique floral clay jewelry

I want to share with you a lovely applique floral clay jewelry collection I have discovered recently over Tishaia shop on Etsy. Take a look at her shop, there are much more lovely creations there and are waiting for someone to take them home. The sunset. Handmade applique flowery clay brooch. The warm orange cabochon with delicate blue,

forrest bead set from polymer clay, handmade in germany, 7 big beads fimo beads, millefiori, millefleur, art clay, necklace, diy bracelet

Polymer clay millefiori beads

I have found a lovely collection of polymer clay millefiori beads that I want to share with you. These unique sets of seven floral beads are designed and hand crafted by Susan Polymer from clay using the millefiori technique inspired from Florida. With these elegant polymer clay millefiori beads you can create unique necklaces, earrings, bracelets, key chains and whatever

pink lilac polymer clay flowers, polymer clay flower bead

Polymer clay floral beads

After so many articles with floral jewelry, I consider it’s time for some polymer clay floral beads. What color do you have in mind? Let me guess! Purple? Red? White? Blue? We have them all! And all the polymer clay floral beads are really really cute! This beads are handmade with polymer clay and every flower is unique, that’s

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