Polymer clay leaf canes – Green leaf cane

polymer clay millefiori leave cane

Today I want to share with you a nice collection of polymer clay millefiori leave cane from AmethystArtStudio . If you are looking to by some amazing canes you should check her shop on Etsy. There are many nice things there. Collection of  polymer clay millefiori leave cane Polymer clay leaf canes – Blue leaf

Polymer Clay Necklace,Beaded Necklace, Clay Beads Necklace, Flower Necklace, OOAK

Original polymer clay necklace

I anticipated your need for something new. You will find here the missing piece from your jewelry collection: the original polymer clay necklace. These beautiful pieces are made just for you. You can order any of them over Macrani shop on Etsy platform. The beds of the first item in the collection have a pearl shine, which makes the necklace more

forrest bead set from polymer clay, handmade in germany, 7 big beads fimo beads, millefiori, millefleur, art clay, necklace, diy bracelet

Polymer clay millefiori beads

I have found a lovely collection of polymer clay millefiori beads that I want to share with you. These unique sets of seven floral beads are designed and hand crafted by Susan Polymer from clay using the millefiori technique inspired from Florida. With these elegant polymer clay millefiori beads you can create unique necklaces, earrings, bracelets, key chains and whatever

Colorful earrings, Elegant earrings, Vintage earrings, Dandle earrings, Red rose earrings, Romantic red roses earrings, gift for bridesmaid

Polymer clay canes earrings

If you are searching for a stunning gift you should go for handmade. Below you will find some lovely polymer clay canes earrings that will fit any occasion. Blue abstract earrings, gift for grandma, blue everyday earrings, gift for mother, statement jewelry, statement earrings, stylish earrings Vintage earrings, Christmas earrings, shimmer earrings, evening earrings rose, royal

Flower Polymer Cane with Indigo-Green petals

Polymer clay canes ideas

I have a large collection polymer clay canes ideas for your future projects. What design would you choose? For creating a complex cane it’s needed a considerably amount of time and energy. The more complex the design, the more clay you will need for your creations, so when you zoom out you’ll get the desired details. And

Blue brooch a girl Liberty. Brooch made of polymer clay with a gift bag.

Face polymer clay brooches

Let’s continue the brooches selection of ideas with face polymer clay brooches. This interesting creations are made of canes, so you can create more items with the same design. You work once and you collect the stunning results with each brooch Brooch. A pretty brooch made of polymer clay. Country walk. With a pretty gift bag. Face

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