polymer clay candle holders- DIY ideas

Hi! Here I am with another special DIY idea: polymer clay candle holder. I’m trying to spent more quality time at home so I was looking for some creative ideas on how to make your home a better and warmer place to stay. This is what I found that inspired me for this article: candle holders are known for mood setting.

You don’t have to spend many on a fancy new candle holder. With a little bit of creativity you can update an old glass, jar or even a old candle holder to a cute one that fore sure will impress all your guests. There are so many ideas and gorgeous DIY polymer clay candle holders for your home decor.

Candles are inexpensive and you can use them for home decor for every season and occasion. The best part of it all is that they are actually easy to customize. All you need is a little bit of fimo, candles, an artistic mind and you are good to go! These fimo candle holders are ideal for home decor. So which one is your favorite?

  1. fimo candle holder – artist: FlowertownOriginals

2. fimo candle holder – artist: orly rabinowitz

3. fimo candle holder – artist: holiday-crafts-and-creations.com

4. fimo candle holder – artist: kissinglass

5. fimo candle holder – artist: pcbysusan

6. fimo candle holder – artist: ebsqart.com

What do you think about this collection of polymer clay candle holders?

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