polymer clay candle holders- DIY ideas

Hi! Here I am with another special DIY idea: polymer clay candle holder. I’m trying to spent more quality time at home so I was looking for some creative ideas on how to make your home a better and warmer place to stay. This is what I found that inspired me for this article: candle holders are known


DIY 20 fimo clock ideas

I always feel the urge to know what is the time. There is a strong connection between people and time. The clock is not only an indicator of the time but can serve as a decorative element. I am always rushing somewhere and I have to “stay in contact” with the clok. I lost a lot of time looking

Naama Zamir

DIY 100 polymer clay vase ideas

  If you redecorate a room, I can help you decorate your home by showing a collection of beautiful fimo/ handmade decorative vase designs for your inspiration. Simple and clear vases are easily available everywhere and with some creativity you can make from a simple vase, one very attractive. This way you can turn a simple glass vase into a

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