Halloween Fairy Door – Polymer Clay Halloween Themed Fairy Door – Halloween Gift – Halloween Decoration – Halloween Gift

Halloween decorations clay ideas

Trick out your home with amazing handmade Halloween decorations that’ll impress everyone. Enjoy the selection and have a happy Halloween! Halloween decorations – Gravestone Battery Candle Holder – Polymer Clay Tombstone with Pumpkin and Flying Bat. A spooky gravestone with inscription ‘RIP’ and skull engraving, crafter from polymer clay, with creepy Halloween pumpkin and flying bat


Polymer clay gingerbread star Christmas tree ornament

Today I’ll show you how to make a polymer clay gingerbread star to use it as your Christmas tree ornament. It’s very simple and this fresh baked gingerbread cookie will make your Christmas lovely! You will need: – white polymer clay – brown polymer clay – roller pin – star shape cutter Because we have established all the

Polymer clips office

Polymer clay office decorations

Most of us spend lot of hours in the office and we all know how important is to feel yourself very comfortable and relax for being more productive. So, as a continuity of my previous article regarding home decorations I thought why shouldn’t write also an article about office decorations. There are so many decorative

Polymer clay photo frame

Polymer clay home decorations

Everyone wants to have a clean, bright and especially welcomed place named home. Most of us usually spend a fortune trying to give a new face to our house. I will try, in this article, to present you some simple decorations which can change your house fast and without making a hole in your pocket.

polymer clay peony

Polymer clay peony tutorial

Spring is here and we all love to be surrounded by its beauties! Today I was wondering how it would be to enjoy them indoors as well, so I bring to you a polymer clay peony tutorial! I hope you’ll enjoy it and that it will help you in your future projects! As you’ve got

polymer clay duckling

Polymer clay duckling tutorial

Today I’ve thought about making a tutorial that will cheer you up, so I’ve decided to show you how to make your own cute polymer clay duckling! They are adorable and you can use them to decorate your children’s room, they would love them! Besides, the polymer clay duckling is incredibly easy to make. Let’s

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