Handmade Christmas decorations

Find your inspiration and this Christmas create a pleasant atmosphere in your home with some handmade Christmas decorations. You can always mix your favorite decoration with the crafts you created with your kids for a special look. They will always be happy to help!

  • Snowman prepare gift in Christmas stocking clay figure, Snowman hold Xmas present with Christmas tree clay miniature, Christmas decoration

  • Clay Irish Santa Claus ornament, Clay Christmas figure decoration

  • Mr Santa Claus and Mrs Santa Claus clay miniature Christmas decoration- Xmas present clay figures

  • Clay handcrafted snowman Christmas decoration- Xmas tree ornament clay miniature

  • Clay Santa Claus ornament, Clay Santa Claus Christmas figure decoration, Handmade Christmas decorations

  • Handcrafted Santa Claus and Reindeer clay figure- Christmas decoration

  • Clay Santa Claus ornament, Yellow Clay Santa Claus Christmas figure decoration, Colorful Santa Claus collection

  • Santa Claus and Polar Bear clay Christmas decoration- Xmas gift

  • Clay Santa Claus drag Santa Claus gift bag decoration, colorful Santa Claus collection, Handmade Christmas decorations

  • Handcrafted clay Snowman and Christmas tree Xmas decoration

  • Snowman cheering Christmas with Christmas tree clay figure- Xmas decoration clay miniature

  • Penguin drag the gift sledge clay miniature Christmas decoration, Handmade Christmas decorations

  • Clay handcrafted Christmas bear Christmas decoration- Xmas tree ornament clay miniature

Look at this clay Christmas bear with red scarf, red shoes and Santa hat. He is holding green wrapped present and it is so good looking! I hope that present is mine! 🙂

If you are still preparing for the Christmas and you find this figurines lovely here is an Etsy link where you can buy any of them.

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I wish you all happy creating day!