polymer clay snow white with an apple – fimo figurine

Polymer clay Snow White ideas

Below you can find some nice photos I collected from flicker with polymer clay Snow White ideas. I will do more, but sine Snow White was my favorite story for many years during my childhood I decided that this will be first on a many series of articles. Your children can now play with fabulous figurines while

Halloween little Witch Kawaii Polymer Clay Earrings Handmade Chibi2

Polymer clay Halloween jewelry

This year’s Halloween you are going to rock the party with any polymer clay Halloween jewelry from this impressive collection! It’s time for you to add that missing piece to your costume and make it perfect spooky! candy corn earrings created by BadgersBakery polymer clay earrings – cat in a pumpkin & black spider fake food cookies created by  BrunaZassou


Polymer clay baby dragon tutorial

Today I will show you how to create a tiny black polymer clay baby dragon! I’ve found it suitable for Halloween decor or for your children’s room decor. You can also teach your little ones how to make their own little black baby dragons, so that you will enjoy some quality time with them! For

polymer clay duckling

Polymer clay duckling tutorial

Today I’ve thought about making a tutorial that will cheer you up, so I’ve decided to show you how to make your own cute polymer clay duckling! They are adorable and you can use them to decorate your children’s room, they would love them! Besides, the polymer clay duckling is incredibly easy to make. Let’s

polymer clay handbag

Polymer clay handbag tutorial

I was watching The Devil Wears Prada for the 9th time when the idea of a polymer clay handbag tutorial came into my had. I’m so attracted to this project that I stopped the movie to add this article. I’m not crazy, I just love what fimodiy.com has became! Let’s learn how to make a handbag!

polymer clay pasta airplane

Polymer clay airplane tutorial

Today’s idea: polymer clay airplane tutorial! I definitely know what you are thinking and yes I may start looking for summer holiday destinations :). And this is how I get this new tutorial idea: polymer clay airplane.   1. Prepare the dough of white and blue polymer clay. You don’t need a pasta machine, only use your

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