Polymer clay Alice in Wonderland ideas

Just the other day I featured another kid birthday party, and to keep the theme going, I thought it would be nice to collect some of the prettiest polymer clay Alice in Wonderland ideas.

If you are about to attend any kid party with this theme, any of this amazing figurines will complete the present. You can make a little polymer clay Alice in Wonderland charm to hang on the bottom of the gift. If you are a mother or you just adore children to relatives or friends, I advise you to work with them, my granddaughter loves me for the patience I have with her when we make together fimo figurines. She even searches for new ideas to create them together. Her new obsession is My little phony, so be prepare cause I’m going to came back with tutorial of every character in the cartoon :)))!

Polymer clay Alice in Wonderland ideas

Look at this nice fimo/ polymer clay Alice in Wonderland pendant. It’s so nice!!!!

It will surely be hard to believe that all these beauties are for sale on etsy, hence I invite you to see other creations of the artist who are certainly just as cute!

Thank you for your time and I hope to spend much more with you! You may consider following  my Pinterest page  for new ideas and updates on free fimo/ polymer clay free tutorials.

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