Polymer clay miniature dolls

You are welcome to Mini World. Here we understand your passion for all things miniature! Enjoy the polymer clay miniature dolls selection.

I love small dolls accessories and I’ll appreciate to have some of this amazing creations! I have seen small dolls, but never so small!

In this article we’re gone redefine the polymer clay miniature dolls. It is to admire the patience of this artist! Her passion can be seen in the little details of the dolls. I do not know anything about you, but I certainly could not do that!

Whether you’re a dedicated doll collector or a crafter you’ll love the next creations and fore sure when you will hear the words” polymer clay miniature dolls” you won’t be surprised for the second time.

collection of polymer clay miniature dolls

If you could choose one from this polymer clay miniature doll which one will you go for? I’ll go for a fairy! If you decide to create your own, please share with us the result. You can follow this artist (Angenia) on facebook.

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