Polymer clay worm ideas

Laura Arias  has a great Etsy shop called NatuDesigns. Her’s handmade clay designs are amazing. You’ll find below some unique polymer clay worm ideas, all available for purchasing online on Etsy.

I’m absolutely sure that you will appreciate this cute polymer clay worm figurines. I hope this beautiful idea will became soon lovely gifts for dear ones. Enjoy them!

  1. Polymer clay worm having a book,  school themed clay, clay charm bead, scrapbooking, clay pendant, cupcake topper, magnet

2. Polymer clay worm having a blackboard,  school themed clay, clay charm bead, clay pendant, cupcake topper, magnet,


3. Fimo worm having a pencil,  school themed clay, clay charm bead, clay pendant, cupcake topper, magnet

Aren’t this cute polymer clay worm figurines amazing? I believe this cute figurine could be great gift idea for someone you love. And I’m absolutely sure that any kid will be enthusiast to have this!

I invite you all to leave a comment and tell me your sincere approach. If you have created your own using this as an example, please share with us your ideas. We are always open for new ways to improve our work.

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