Top 5 polymer clay party giveaways – animals

I love having friends around and each party has to remain in their memory as something special. For having the wow effect, I started to put a little party giveaway on each plate. This idea amused my friends and they can hardly wait to be invited to the next event.

Below you can find my top 5 polymer clay party giveaways – animals:

1. The funny rhino couple: always a must have when you invite your friends to an anniversary or thematic party. They are perfect because you can use different colors for the couple table seating arrangements.

2. The fearless dog: I use this party giveaway mostly when children are invited to the party. They simply love these little ones.

3. The little rabbit: who does not want such a lovely rabbit as giveaway? Especially when tasty food is served in such an Eastern atmosphere. Just try it out and you will be impressed!

4. The happy-face butterfly: brings always joy to the persons that receive it. Most of my friends tell me that they started to collect all my party giveaways and use them as deco in their home.

5. The friendly penguins: a must have in the cold season. I recommend you to spread pearls of salt or sugar around the penguin for a winterish effect.

Hope you enjoyed reading my top 5 polymer clay party giveaways and you could find interesting ideas for your next party!

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