40 Polymer clay colorful earrings ideas

I’m coming back back to you with some fresh polymer clay colorful earrings ideas. They are beautiful and unique colorful earrings with embroidery flowers in gentle colors.

When I first started in polymer clay art I did it for a pair of embroidery polymer clay earrings. They were amazing and I wanted to have them in many shapes and colors. I was still at school and the money from my parents were not enough to buy many pairs so I did the single think that was free:  I did some research about what means polymer clay. I din not get any sleep that night and the next morning I was at a nearby craft store. Even if you are a polymer clay artist searching for inspiration or you don’t know anything about polymer clay the next list of polymer clay colorful earrings is nice to go through. After all you never know what triggers the artist in you 😉

The next delicate and feminine pairs of polymer clay earrings are your wearable little garden for just about any occasion.

  • Dark blue earrings, ocean blue earrings, navy blue earring cobalt blue earring, royal blue earrings bridesmaid gift blue wedding

  • Black flower earrings, Black studs, yellow flower, black gold earrings, vintage black, red flower earrings, eambroidered polymer clay

  • Blue flower earrings, embroidered polymer clay earrings, ocean blue earrings, dangle earring, teal, romantic earrings christmas gift for her

  • Blue victorian earrings, gothic, navy blue earring, dark blue, colorful earrings, Royal Blue, romantic gift for her, polymer clay, pink red

  • Bridesmaid earrings, hand embroidered, Light purple earrings, Lavender earrings, Violet flower earrings, lilac, polymer clay, romantic gift

  • Brown earrings, blue butterfly earrings, Brown blue flower earring, minimalist earrings, blue butterflies blue floral earrings tiny earrings

  • Hand embroidered earrings, romantic valentines gift for her, colorful earrings, black flower earrings, polymer clay, gothic, red flower

  • Dark Green Earrings, emerald green earrings, green flower earrings, green Bridesmaid Earrings, green wedding, minimalist Jade earrings

  • Emerald green earrings, Deep Green earrings, green flower earrings, Oversized earrings, Agate jewelry, Green earrings

  • Fuchsia earrings, flower earrings, Magenta earrings maroon earrings, purple earrings, hot pink earrings pink fuchsia wedding

  • Gift ideas for her, Navy blue earrings, polymer clay, hand embroidered earrings, blue flower earrings, dark blue, romantic earrings, gift

  • Gold and black earrings, tiger eye earring, black flower earring, modern black, victorian earring, antique gold earring, nocturne jewelry

  • Pale pink stud earrings, Pink stud earrings, pink post earrings, Pink earrings, hot pink studs, Pink floral studs tiny earrings

  • Hot pink earrings, polymer clay earrings, geode earrings, Fuchsia earrings, Magenta earrings, maroon earrings, purple,fuchsia wedding

  • Jade Green Earrings, seafoam green earrings olive green earrings Green Wedding Emerald Green Earrings green pink Kelly Green Wedding Holiday

  • Light blue earrings, blue flower earrings, ocean blue earrings turquoise blue earring blue dangle earrings teal earrings teal floral

  • Navy blue earring, dark blue, colorful earrings, vintage earrings, Royal Blue, cobalt blue, romantic, gift for her, polymer clay, pink

  • Navy blue earrings, polymer clay, embroidered earrings, blue flower earrings, dark blue, dangle earrings, colorful, romantic earrings, gift

  • Red black earrings, black flower earrings, embroidered polymer clay, gothic earring,s black floral earrings, large black, nocturne jewelry

  • Pink flower earrings, colorful, hand embroidered, romantic earrings, pale pink, blush pink, polymer clay, christmas gift for her, victorian

  • Pink flower earrings, romantic earrings, colorful earrings, burgundy earrings, bright red flower, tiny earrings, polymer clay earrings

  • Pink flower earrings, rose quartz earring, red flower earring, polymer clay, colorful earring, embroidered earring, romantic gift, pale pink

  • Pink yellow earring, colourful earrings, geometric earrings bright yellow, pink flower earrings yellow flower, trending item, canary yellow

  • Purple stud earrings, stud flower earrings, Lavender, Violet flower earrings, embroidered polymer clay earrings, lilac flower earrings

  • Red black earrings, polymer clay, black flower, oversized, gothic earrings, victorian earrings, emroidered, christmas gift, romantic

  • Red flower earrings, colorful earrings, valentines gift, yellow earrings, polymer clay, hand embroidered romantic earrings, burgundy

  • Polymer clay colorful earrings, red flower earrings, red dangle earrings red coral earrings, burgundy earrings, bright red flower earrings tiny earrings red wedding

  • Red flower earrings, white flower, white earrings, pink, colorful, embroidered earrings, polymer clay, romantic gift for her

  • Red jasper earrings, red dangle earrings, ruby red earringss, burgundy earrings, bright red flower earrings, marsala earrings, hot pink, polymer clay earrings

  • Red black earrings, black flower earrings, oversized, gothic earrings, black floral earrings, emroidered, christmas gift, romantic

  • White stud earring, colorful studs, White flower earrings, white earrings, yellow stud, minimalist earrings, polymer clay, embroidered

  • Red Stud Earrings, burgundy earrings, tiny minimalist, red floral, dark red studs, marsala, red flower studs Small, polymer clay, everyday

  • Teal blue earrings, Turquoise earrings, teal blue earrings, blue flower earrings, blue earrings, light blue earrings, dangle earring

  • Vintage earrings, dark purple earrings, romantic earings, statement earrings, gothic earrings, Victorian Style Jewelry, trending item

  • White flower earrings, colorful earrings, yellow earrings, Trending Item, Birthday gift for Her, Romantic gift, bridal earrings

  • White flower earrings, pale pink earrings, flower earrings, tiny earrings, embroidered, polymer clay earrings, blush pink, soft pink clay minimalist

You can inspire from this beautiful polymer clay colorful earrings and create your own or you can order them here. Congrats Katya Kirova, you are doing a great job! This polymer clay colorful earrings are amazing!

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