Polymer clay poppy flowers inspired jewelry

Every year in May, beautiful red poppy flowers invades fields and sweep over the cornfields. I collected some nice ideas you should try: polymer clay poppy flowers jewelery.

Poppy symbolizes in the first place, beauty and gentleness of the person who receives the flower. It is the flower of passionate love. Often it is associated with eagerness and impatience. If a relationship at first, receiving a poppy flowers can mean desire “to advance”. Ladies, it’s time to wear poppy fimo/ polymer clay flowers! Scroll down with patience, you’ll find it all: poppy fimo/ polymer clay earrings, poppy fimo/ polymer clay pendant, poppy fimo/ polymer clay bracelet, poppy fimo/ polymer clay broch, poppy fimo/ polymer clay ring, fimo poppy bobby pins, fimo poppy flower hair comb

1. fimo poppy ring – artist: AlishaVovkJewelry

2. fimo poppy necklace – artist: SStrkArt

3. polymer clay poppy flower earrings – artist: Kaselaki

4. fimo poppy flower pendant – artist: IraRuzhovych

5. polymer clay poppy flower stud earrings – artist: SelenaJewelryBijou

6. fimo poppy pendant – artist: RainOfJoy

7. fimo poppy earrings – artist: PolymerFlorejewellry

8. fimo poppy bracelet – artist: lagoaclaycreations

9. polymer clay poppy flower pendant – artist: Sweetystuff

10. fimo poppy earrings – artist: LunkinaHandMade

11. fimo poppy bracelet – artist: BijouMaggieMe

12. fimo poppy earrings – artist: MyWorldOfHandmade

13. fimo poppy pendant – artist: Sweetystuff

14. fimo poppy earrings – artist: MoirasGifts

15. fimo poppy bracelet – artist: GhostOwlJewelryNest

16. fimo poppy earrings – artist: Filigrina

17. fimo poppy necklace – artist: Jewelrylimanska

18. fimo poppy pendant – artist:

19. fimo poppy flower stud earrings – artist: NatkaHandmade

20. fimo poppy flower pendant necklace – artist: lionelleme

21 fimo poppy pendant – artist: latelierdesakuya

22. fimo poppy bracelet- artist: polymerFlowers

23. fimo poppy pendant- artist: Filigrina

24. polymer clay poppy flower earrings – artist: Jewelrylimanska

25. fimo poppy earrings – artist: Jewelrylimanska

26. fimo poppy pendant- artist: IraRuzhovych

27. fimo poppy bracelet – artist:VintageFloralJewel

28. fimo poppy earrings – artist: DenadasHandmade

29. fimo poppy necklace- artist: YUrUnique

30. fimo poppy pendant- artist: claycessories

31. fimo poppy earrings – artist: DenadasHandmade

32. fimo poppy earrings – artist: gloryworks

33. fimo poppy pendant- artist: VinetaHandMade

34. fimo poppy ring- artist: VintageFloralJewel

35. fimo poppy ring- artist: Filigrina

36. fimo poppy bracelet – artist: SelenaJewelryBijou

37. fimo poppy neclace – artist: HandStudioUA

38. fimo poppy ring- artist: VintageFloralJewel

39. fimo poppy pendant – artist: Lovebijouterie

40. fimo poppy pendant- artist: PastimeArt

41. fimo poppy earrings – artist: Lovebijouterie

42. fimo poppy broch – artist: AnyankasHandiworks

43. fimo poppy pendant – artist: LadyLunaClay

44. fimo poppy ring – artist: DenadasHandmade

45. fimo poppy ring – artist: littledragonjeweller

46. fimo poppy ring- artist: Filigrina

47. fimo poppy neclace- artist: JoannaCalla

48. fimo poppy broch – artist: MoirasGifts

49. fimo poppy necklace – artist: PommeDeNeige

50. fimo poppy ring – artist: Jewelrylimanska

51. fimo poppy ring- artist: LunkinaHandMade

52. fimo poppy necklace – artist: MyWorldOfHandmade

53. fimo poppy ring- artist: DenadasHandmade

54. fimo poppy broch – artist: ShopotShop

55. fimo poppy ring – artist: IsabellaArtJewelry

56. fimo poppy pendant – artist: SelenaJewelryBijou

57. fimo poppy bobby pins – artist: Lovebijouterie

58. fimo poppy ring- artist: Lovebijouterie

59. fimo poppy pendant – artist: ValPshop

60. fimo poppy broch – artist: FlowersShopUA

61. fimo poppy earrings – artist: JEWELRYandPLEASURE

62. fimo poppy flower hair comb – artist: PasticheAccessories

63. fimo poppy pendant – artist: jowless

64. fimo poppy bracelet – artist: AleksPolymer

65. fimo poppy broch – artist: BloomingShop

66. fimo poppy flower hair comb – artist: Ukrashulki

67. polymer clay poppy flower necklace – artist: GalateaJewelry

68. fimo poppy flower hair comb – artist: DecorUA

69. fimo poppy nacklace – artist: IraRuzhovych

70. fimo poppy pendant – artist: Jewelrylimanska

71. fimo poppy bracelet – artist: ZakolkinoCom

72. fimo poppy pendant – artist: PastimeArt

73. fimo poppy broch – artist: PolyClayFavors

74. fimo poppy bracelet – artist: JewelleryForWorld

75. fimo poppy pendant- artist: Sweetystuff

What’s your favorite poppy fimo/ polymer clay poppy flower accessories?

Thanks for joining me today! I hope to see you soon. Click here here for more polymer clay jewelry.

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