Polymer clay happy flowers

Certainly this polymer clay happy flowers are a bold idea. If you decide to use them as a decoration for your home I guarantee that hey will make it more cozy.

This radiant drop of sunshine could blend in any corner of your space, from terrace/garden to your study room. This polymer clay happy flowers can be a innovative gift for a nature fan or for a friend that has a a friend who has a stressful job. Look at them, how to get tired when these beauties smile continually?

This decorative objects will help you get a chic, stylish look for your room.


They have convinced me! Congrats to the artist! You can find the full article that inspired me here.

What do you think about this polymer clay happy flowers? Aren’t they so beautiful?! What’s your favorite? My favorite is the eye-catching flower! I’ll create some for my craft room 🙂

Behind some bouquets of flowers is hidden the desire to convey an emotion, a message of love or admiration. No matter the reason we give flowers, we can be sure that they will bring joy to the person who will receive them. And if we still offer flowers, why not offer some to last?

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