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Polymer clay floral cluster earrings

Look what beautiful these polymer clay floral cluster earrings are! And they are made entirely by the hands of a talented artist. Each polymer clay flower is handcrafted and crystals are added to give flowers more dimension and spark. Whenever you choose to wear these polymer clay floral cluster earrings you will rock the day! And for this

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Polymer clay floral beads

After so many articles with floral jewelry, I consider it’s time for some polymer clay floral beads. What color do you have in mind? Let me guess! Purple? Red? White? Blue? We have them all! And all the polymer clay floral beads are really really cute! This beads are handmade with polymer clay and every flower is unique, that’s

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Polymer clay floral necklace ideas

Prepare yourself for some amazing polymer clay floral necklace ideas! With a flower is not spring, but with more you will have a spring appearance. I have collected the necklaces in this collection from a sweet jewelry shop on Etsy, OrxideykaStudio by Victoria Syvokin. I hope you enjoy them and get into shopping mood. Polymer clay floral necklace ideas with saturated Marsala

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Polymer clay floral bracelets

When it comes to flowers I can not stop … So we continue today with a new collections of polymer clay floral bracelets. We love flowers and this bracelets have them all: bright pink roses, fabulous lilac irises, light pink lilacs, purple peonies, vanilla roses, lilacs, white and pink tiny flowers, warm red rose, pink and pale blue flowers.

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Polymer clay cabochon bracelet

This polymer clay cabochon bracelet collection is one you can’t miss. All the positive emotions of the author are stored in a simple and elegant object that will give a joyful note of your outfit I’m running out of time with all the projects I have in mind, so this time I’ll be short: they are great! If

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Polymer clay Lilac flowers jewelry

A handmade jewelry is easily recognized by a passionate accessory person. The details, the quality of the items, the more elaborate models than the mass-made jewelry are just a few reasons to choose a handmade jewelry. The design of the accessories you choose to wear can be a substitute for a business card. These being said, you’ll

polymer clay statement floral necklace 1

Polymer clay statement floral necklace

One of a kind polymer clay statement floral necklace transfers energy and creativity. Did you know the way you choose the accessories one day depends on how you woke up in the morning? Yellow means energy, red intense emotions, orange tonus, green relaxation and calm and white freshness. Choose one polymer clay statement floral necklace from the

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Polymer clay flowers picture frame

Some friend’s birthday is coming? Do not worry! I found over FlowersKartasheva shop on Etsy the most personal gift idea: polymer clay flowers picture frame. You can choose from different frame patterns and flowers designs. polymer clay flowers picture frame, wedding gift for couple picture frame wedding gift for sister gift for bride newlywed gift for mother girlfriend