Rainbow hot balloon floral pendant, Embroidery floral pendant, Polymer clay rainbow necklace, Gift for her

Adorable polymer clay applique jewelry

Browse the list below to explore a new collection of polymer clay applique jewelry. This is a technique that requires a lot of time and patience: embroidered with very small pieces of polymer clay using a thin needle. This are a beautiful, handmade one-of-a-kind polymer clay jewelry. They are perfect gifts for anniversary, engagement, Valentine’s Day or for

Blue Glow In The Dark Pendant, Handmade Polymer Clay Jewelry, polymer clay applique technique pendants, Clay Embroidery, ‘Icy Touch’ Wearable Art

Polymer clay applique technique pendants

We still have time before the winter holidays and because I know you want to shine, I prepared a collection of polymer clay applique technique pendants from WizArt Creations to inspire you or to complete your outfit. This are a beautiful, handmade one-of-a-kind polymer clay pendants created with the applique technique. It represents a Wearable Art that is perfect

Headband with summer flowers and berries, Summer headband, Dandelions headband, Wildflowers, Headband with flowers, Headband with berries

Polymer clay headbands

The charming polymer clay headbands with summer flowers and berries. Every leaf, berries and flower were molded exclusively by hands. They are hand sculptured and look very natural, no two flowers are identical! In the headband encrusted sparkling emerald Swarovski crystals. It is a great finding for women who want to attract attention and to be

Gift-for-women Gift-for-bride Boho-jewelry Flower necklace Boho necklace Embroidery pendant Romantic-gift Floral Pendant Gift-for-her

Polymer clay romantic pendants

I hope you enjoy this collection of polymer clay romantic pendants. Feminine pendants necklace with tiny flowers which are made from polymer clay. Each flower, leaf and small details is made by hand using a thin needle. This necklace is made without using any molds using embroidery technique. Gift-for-wife Boho-necklace Boho-pendant Polymer clay jewelry Polymer clay

Earrings dangle drop Navy Dark blue Floral jewelry French lever back Silver plated Polymer clay blue flowers Bridesmaid gift Made of Honor

Polymer clay dangle earrings

Hello everyone! I’ve collected some polymer clay dangle earrings for you. I hope you like it and that they inspire you for new and amazing creations! Every tiny flower and petal of these earrings is hand-sculpted using oven-hardened polymer clay, no molds or stamps are used, so you get truly unique thing. The delicate dangle

Choose an amazing handmade gift for a woman from 100 polymer clay flower jewelry

Choose an amazing handmade gift for a woman from 100 polymer clay flower jewelry

This article is about a huge amount of work and dedication to a nice etsy shop with amazing polymer clay flower jewelry. I hope you enjoy the creations I selected for you. Don’t hesitate to follow the link, there are much more polymer clay flower jewelry there than you can imagine! Insou jewelry is a team of mother and daughter,

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