Polymer clay red and black flower pendant tutorial- DIY step by step tutorial

I have found a nice and simple polymer clay red and black flower pendant tutorial from a Turkish artist that I want to share with you. It may sims that I’m in the mood of tutoring, but actually I’m in the mood of simple and beautiful. And that two words describe this creation very well!

There are two simple steps: the flower petal cane and the flower jointing. But first let me enumerate you the things you will need for this polymer clay red and black flower pendant tutorial:
– two colors of polymer clay (in this precise case black and red)
– pasta machine
– cutter
– pendant hanger

Polymer clay red and black flower pendant tutorial- DIY step by step tutorial

Step 1

First we will create a cane for the petals. Take a red piece of polymer clay and roll it into your hands until you get a cylinder that came in a larger size than you need your first set of petals, the base one. Cut the red cylinder into the half, but do not let the cutter go to the end of cylinder, stop a beet higher. Then repeat the same process with the halves. We just finished processing the red clay.

We continue the cane by moving to the black color. Create three thin rolls and add them at the end of every cut in the red cylinder. Then create three small and very thin sheets to add in the rest of the cuts that are still empty.

Remaining in black, create a new sheet, thicker than the first one. You will need it to cover the red cylinder. You just finished creating the cane for your  polymer clay red and black flower pendant tutorial

Step 2

We move forward with the polymer clay red and black flower pendant tutorial. At the previous step we created together the cane to use it for the petals, all we have left of  polymer clay red and black flower pendant tutorial is to assemble the flower. Cut the cane into two and then use your hands to resize it into two different dimensions. First one will be used for base petals and the second one for the second row of petals. That’s the reason why the second one must be about the half size of the first one. Cut seven thin pieces from the larger cane and six pieces from the smaller one

Create a black small pie to use it as the base for the flower. Start with the larger petals, elongate each one of them and add them from the center of the pie. After you finished first row, pass to the smaller petals and add them over the big ones, keeping the same center. At the end add in the center a little black bobble. Before baking don’t forget to add the pin!

This was the polymer clay red and black flower pendant tutorial and that’s the simple flower pendant that will look stunning on you!

I love the creations of the kucuksheyler blogger! You can find here the article from where I got my inspiration.

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