Polymer clay yellow flower easy cane – DIY step by step tutorial

Hello everyone! Today I’ll show you how to create an easy polymer clay yellow flower cane. You can use whatever color you need for your project!
Things you’ll need for this easy polymer clay yellow flower cane:
– polymer clay white, black and a color of your choice (in this case yellow)
– pasta machine
– cutter


Use white and yellow clay to create a gradient sheet and when roll it up so darker color is inside. If you are a beginner use this basic polymer clay color blends tutorial.

Cover the roll you just created with a thin sheet of black and then cut it in four equal pieces as shown in the third picture from the collage. Take every piece one by one and make a petal( fifth picture) by pressing the edges towards the dark top. Leave a small part on the top uncovered by black clay.

Combine two of this petals and then press the top as shown in the 6th picture. Take a white piece of clay and pass it through the pasta machine to create a thin sheet. With this sheet cover the two petals that you combine before. Leave the top uncovered. Create a small roll and add it to the opposite top as shown in the picture no 7. You have now two of this petals. Cut them into half and then again one more cut in the half.

For the next step create a white rectangle of clay and one black with the same size. Combine them and then create a roll. This roll will be the enter of the flower. The roll must be the same size with the petals. Cut out the extra amount from it. Combine the petals with the striped roll in the center. You’ve just created your clay flower cane to use it in your future project.

Polymer clay yellow flower easy cane - DIY step by step tutorial

I hope you enjoy this polymer clay yellow flower easy cane. I found my inspiration for this article here.

I work with fimo and if you do the same, I recommend you to use classic fimo for canes. If you use soft clay the drawing inside suffers when you reduce its size. I guess is the statement is generally valid with the rest of the products: Premo, Sculpey,  Cernit, PVClay , Kato Polyclay, Filani, Du-kit, Pardo, and Garie Sim’s Play Clay.

I’m actually interested in what polymer clay do you use! Please leave a comment and choose one: Fimo, Premo, Sculpey, Cernit, PVClay, Kato Polyclay, Filani, Du-kit, Pardo, and Garie Sim’s Play Clay.

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