5 Polymer clay brooches ideas to copy or to buy

Dear all,

Because it started the cold season I decided to put more emphasis on the polymer clay brooches ideas: they are the only accessories that can be seen from the heap of thick clothes.

In this article I’ll present you some of Olga Perova’s creations. Enjoy the selection!

  • Polymer clay leaves brooch. Handmade leaves brooch. Fall, Autumn leaves brooch. Boho jewelry, brooch. Organic jewelry

  • Polymer clay brooches ideas. Handmade brooch. Imitation of soutache brooch. Star brooch.

  • Polymer clay brooches ideas. Handmade brooch. Mosaic brooch. Rainbow colors brooch. Colorful brooch.

This is completely hand made brooch from polymer clay. The rainbow colors and mosaic technique looks so pretty! The combination of multi colors will be perfect to match with different clothes.

  • Polymer clay brooches ideas. Handmade brooch. Mosaic brooch. rainbow mosaic brooch.

Completely handmade and waiting to be a nice piece in your jewellery collection
or as an amazing gift for your loved ones. This is a perfect Valentine’s day gift for your girlfriend.

  • Brooche- imitation soutache. Handmade brooch. Heart brooche.

I hope you enjoyed this new selection of polymer clay brooches ideas to copy or to buy! If you decide to create your own, please share with us the result. If you are a starter with clay but you would love to have any of this amazing creations in your jewelry box, here is a link to the Etsy shop from where you can buy them.

You should try this link where you can find a lot of amazing jewelry. There are so many nice ideas, I bet you will find a lot of DIY projects there.

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