Polymer clay flower beads

This polymer clay flower beads are perfect for use in jewelry creation or decoration. You can use whatever colors you want to decorate and you can add them to your earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants or even in hair accessories. Cover this polymer clay flower beads list I promise you won’t regret it! I never thought for example to recreate apple flowers in polymer clay, but still the flower beads look immaculate.

  1. FIMO/ Polymer clay apple flower beads

2. FIMO/ Polymer clay blue forget me not flower beads

3. FIMO/ Polymer clay blue peony flower beads

4. FIMO/ Polymer clay lilac flower beads

5. FIMO/ Polymer clay miniature eustoma white flower bead

6. FIMO/ Polymer clay pink peony flower bead

7. FIMO/ Polymer clay ranunculus flower beads

polymer clay pink ranunculus flower bead

polymer clay turquoise ranunculus flower bead

polymer clay blue ranunculus flower beads

8. FIMO/ Polymer clay miniature white peony flower beads

9. FIMO/ Polymer clay miniature white dahlias beads

10. FIMO/ Polymer clay orchids beads

11. FIMO/ Polymer clay red hibiscus flower beads

12. FIMO/ Polymer clay red poppy flower bead

13. FIMO/ Polymer clay white poppy flower bead

14. FIMO/ Polymer clay yellow hibiscus flower beads

15 FIMO/ Polymer clay white flower round bead

16. FIMO/ Polymer clay floral ball bead multicolored


You can inspire from this beautiful polymer clay flower beads and create your own or you can order them here. What version do you choose?

I love this polymer clay flower beads! What do you think? My favorite is number ten: polymer clay orchids beads. I dream of having a bracelet with pink polymer clay orchids. Actually this is one of my future projects. I promise to add a tutorial on this topic 🙂

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