43 delicious polymer clay earrings for summer

Summer is about colors and joy,  don’t miss the following delicious polymer clay earrings collection. Colorful and cute they are suitable for any age, feel young and happy! I do not know what you think, but when I finish the article I’m going to cook something sweet because this earrings look so yuumy!!! Cupcakes earrings

polymer clay bracelet3

Clay Jewelry Series “Alien Invasion”

Ksenia Maevskaya is a talented polymer clay artist. She transformed a common theme as the “Alien Invasion” in some spectacular polymer clay jewelry. The series consist in clay bracelets and earrings with the most beautiful combinations of colors. Let’s give her the credits for this beauties: What do you think of this polymer clay clay jewelry? Wich


Vintage polymer clay earrings ideas

When I first heard about polymer clay it was from etsy.com. I was browsing for a handmade present for mybest friend’s anniversary. Jennifer Morris was my inspiration to start clay modeling. She’s making the most beautiful vintage polymer earrings! Her short description on facebook: “vintage inspired design.vintage quality craftsmanship.handmade beads made from polymer and paper clay


Polymer clay bee – inspiration for a handmade holiday

No meter your destination and your wardrobe, you can accessorize it with miniature polymer clay bee earrings. Or why not to give your friends presents as fimo bee figurines or polymer clay bees key-ring ? Enjoy these selection of fimo bees jewelry ideas for the summer holiday season to get your spirit and your creative energy going.


Colorful polymer clay earrings for summer

Yesterday it was a rainy day and I just wanted to feel the summer breeze. I woke up with an obsession: colorful polymer clay earrings for summer, fimo flowers earrings ideas! This year’s summer was left desired! We have got used to weeks of nice weather  interspersed with weeks that are summer by calendar, but empirically closer to


Unique pieces of polymer clay jewelry

Every day friendship and quality people should be celebrated. To surprise my best friends, I thought about offering them a piece of jewelry, to let them know I appreciate their friendship, and also thank them for all the good moments we have been through the years . In order to complete my plan, I invited some good advisors