polymer clay blue beads ideas

Homemade polymer clay beads also allow for more creativity and uniqueness of style, especially when you master the basic process and begin to explore more complex patterns and shapes.

Making your own polymer clay beads is a fun way to personalize jewelry, custom gifts, and gorgeous decorations and accessories.

You can use this small decorative object to embellish your jewelry. I hope you enjoy the fimo/ polymer clay blue beads collection.

  • clay beads artist: craftartedu

  • clay beads artist: Janice Abarbanel

  • clay beads artist: Danlela

  • clay beads artist: Pavla Cepelikova

  • colored beads artist: Bull’s Eye Studio

  • blue beads artist: SilviaOrtizDeLaTorre

  • blue beads artist: creazionifillagioie

  • mosaic beads artist: Pavla Cepelikova

Here is a nice collection of mosaic beads, that you may like.

  • polymer clay blue beads artist: Zuta

  • fimo / polymer clay beads artist: ST-Art-Clay

  • fimo / polymer clay beads artist: Pips

  • polymer clay blue beads necklace artist: hendMejdBajKejt

  • fimo blue beads artist: Pavla Cepelikova

  • fimo blue beads artist: Nikolina Otrzan

  • handmade beads artist: lisaclarke

  • handmade bead artist: iKandiBeads

  • handmade beads artist: Kalinka Polinka

  • handmade beads artist: silvia bordin

  • fimo beads artist: Pavla Cepelikova

  • fimo beads artist: not available( found on pinterest)

  • fimo beads artist: creazionifillagioie

  • fimo beads artist: Nikolina Otrzan

  • polymer clay beads artist: Wendy Jorre de St Jorre

  • polymer clay beads artist: Silvana B Jewellery

  • polymer clay beads artist: OrlyFuchsGalchen


What’s your favorite fimo / polymer clay beads artist? For more handmade beads ideas click here.

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