FIMO DIY tutorial earrings – cascade of flowers

How many times have you walked by a happy lady that had that glamorous thing? And when you came near you realized it wasn’t the shine in her eyes ,it wasn’t the style,  but those perfect earrings? This tutorial will help you have these simple and classic polymer clay cascade of flowers earrings that are perfect with absolutely anything and give you a look of understated sophistication. How many hours did you stand in front of the mirror without any idea what accessories to wear at your first date? I assure you that from now on it will be no time consuming! You’ll have the best accessories to wear at your romantic date! It’s all about selecting something with a unique, yet romantic twist such as flowers!

FIMO DIY tutorial earrings - cascade of flowers

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Things you need for this beautiful fimo earrings:

– one pair of ear wire

-three packs of fimo: white, yellow, pink

-one link

-fimo glue

and some motivation, because the best way to success is to persevere.


Let dreams came true:

Grab two piece of fimo (one pink and one white), press it and put them one over the other as shown in the figure. Now you have to press them again and then roll up the piece into a cylinder

.FIMO DIY tutorial earrings - cascade of flowers

On the next step you will have to cut the cylinder into thin pieces, those will be the flower petals. Don’t worry if you cannot cut it into equal pieces, you’ll adjust them on the run.

Grab now a little bit of yellow fimo, blend it with your fingers until is really thin. Put it with care on the work surface and cut it into pieces. Take piece by piece and make small balls. Those will be put in the middle of the flowers. Spread  them from the work surface, you’ll only need them at the end.

FIMO DIY tutorial earrings - cascade of flowers


Let’s come back at the pink pieces! Grab one piece and make a drop. Cut it in a “+” and spread a little bit the pieces. If you don’t have a special tool for this you can use a toothpick, a piece of wire or even a needle! Press them until you obtain the flower. Take one yellow ball and push it in the middle of the flower. Cut the excess of the fimo (the strain of the flower), but be aware not to destroy anything.

FIMO DIY tutorial earrings - cascade of flowers

Now you deserve congratulations, you’ve just created your own flower. Put yourself on repeat and make some more! They say that repetition is the mother of skill. If the first flower doesn’t look good don’t give up you have plenty of time to improve!

FIMO DIY tutorial earrings - cascade of flowers

You already passed halfway through. Grab another two equal pieces of pink fimo and blend it until you get balls. Cover them with glue and carefully place them flowers. When all the ball is covered stick the link and go “cook” them! After they have cooled make add them ear wires. The rest is all about the attitude!

FIMO DIY tutorial earrings - cascade of flowers

I wish you all to have a special date! Don’t forget that with greater risk comes greater happiness: the more you are able to surprise the boy on the first date, the stronger your relation with him will be!

Congrats bijouxcherie! This is the best to wear on a first date! The article is in French but is “délicieux”!

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What do you think? Aren’t this polymer clay cascade of flowers earrings just perfect?

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