Polymer clay embroidery bracelet

Find a nice collection of polymer clay embroidery bracelet, jewelry to personalize and create your desires in order to express your personality. Neither you are the adept of the classic style or you are one that stands out for color, this with unique handmade bracelets will inspire your creations.

When fashioned in sophisticated colors and luxurious strings and yarns with metallic accents, these handmade fimo/polymer clay bracelets become great adult accessories.

1. polymer clay embroidery bracelet – artist: Peelirohini

2. polymer clay embroidery bracelet – artist: EleganceEmbodied

3. clay embroidery bracelet – artist: nataanata

4. fimo embroidery bracelet – artist: Peelirohini

5. embroidery bracelet – artist: nataanata

6. embroidery bracelet – artist: Andreea Veronica

7. polymer clay embroidery bracelet – artist: Peelirohini

8. fimo embroidery bracelet – artist: nataanata

9. clay embroidery bracelet – artist: Peelirohini

Did you enjoyed this collection of bracelets? What’s your favorite fimo embroidery bracelet ? Mine is number 7!

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