Polymer clay jewelry sets vs. types of personalities

Ever wondered how jewelry can influence our life? I have sorted out some types of jewelry sets, that from my point of view, reflect the best way we act in daily situations. We can act as the confident business woman, the romantic lover or the perfect wife only by changing our accessories. I invite you to accompany me through this exciting journey: polymer clay jewelry sets vs. types of personalities.

Confidence and nothing else more needed. If you wear this jewelry set for sure you will get enough attention all day long. Wear it at the office for a stain of color or at a party it doesn’t matter.


Summer colors for happy days. This type of jewelry set is a must for all sunny days. A long walk or a picnic in the park, with these pieces you will have always the right look.


Beautiful colors for romantic personalities. Wear this polymer clay jewelry set next time you go out for dinner and let the romance to step into your life.


Elegance at its highest level. Sometimes a classic design and a neutral color are perfect for an elegant outfit. This jewelry set can be worn at a conference or reception for business purposes.


Gentle purple for the perfect wife. Less accessories is the best way to put the personality of a person in front. With this gentle purple polymer clay jewelry set every woman can step into the shoes of the perfect wife.


Grey colors for powerful personalities. Wondered why women after a certain age wear mostly dark color jewelry set? It’s simple: they experience the best time of their life…these are the powerful personalities.

Still not convinced that there is a correlation between the jewelry sets we wear and our personality? Read more of our articles and try to identify related patterns to your lifestyle.

Thanks for joining me today! I hope you’ll come back soon!

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