Handmade jewelry sets to copy

I hope you are not in a hurry because you have to see the following selection of handmade jewelry sets. Take a look, you never know where you find your next one!

Handmade jewelry sets to copy

Sometimes when I found some amazing artist I can’t hold myself on wondering how it’s possible for someone so many fabulous ideas! For example the next two handmade jewelry sets, how it’s possible for someone to create such a beauty!

You already know that I’m a black and white jewelry fan and it’s obvious that from all handmade jewelry sets my favorite is the next one. That silver leaf combined with white and black clay and that musical pattern should be in my jewelry box.

Oh! I’m in the process of creating another obsession: black, white and red… Isn’t it beautiful?

I hope you enjoyed this selection of handmade jewelry sets! I found them on flicker. There are much more interesting things over there, you should follow Natasa! It’s really interesting how she combines different styles, you’ll love her other creations!

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