Handmade polymer clay hair barrette

Flowers are gentle and some handmade polymer clay hair barrette with flowers are a perfect choice for a romantic look. The fallowing accessories are entirely made from clay. They are unique and lovely.

Any of the following handmade polymer clay hair barrette can be purchased from Etsy over DecorUA shop. Choose your flowers, color and style.

  • Daffodils flower hair clip – bridal flower hair clip – flower hair accessories

  • Flower hair clip – orange freesia, blueberry, flower barrette, Hair flower, Clay flower, Polymer clay flower, Flower hair accessories

  • Purple flower hair clip, flower barrette, lilac jewelry, Hair flower, Prom hair flower, Polymer clay flower, Flower hair accessory.

  • Flower hair clip – flower hair accessories – lilac hair – floral hair clip – Polymer clay flower clip – hair accessories – hair flowers

  • Pink hair flower – hair accessories – flower hair clip – lilac hair flower – lilac hair clip – Floral hair clip – Polymer clay flower

  • Flower hair clip – purple floral clip. Hair flower. Clay floral clip. Girl hair clip. Polymer clay flower (cold porcelain). Hair accessory.

  • Flower hair clip violet lilac, Prom hair flower, Hair flower, Polymer clay flower (cold porcelain), Flower hair accessories, Lilac hair.

  • handmade polymer clay hair barrette, Flower hair clip, white lilac, flower barrette, White hair flower, flower hair accessories, Prom hair flower, Polymer clay flower

  • Flower hair, Blue flower clip – lilac flower, Flower hair accessories, Flower hair clip, Floral hair clip, Clay flower, blue flowers

  • Red rose hair flower, brooch, Flower brooch, Rose hair clip, Rose hair clip, Prom hair flower, Clay flower, Flower Hair accessories

  • Hair accessories, handmade polymer clay hair barrette, Red poppy hair clip, Flower hair clip, Clay flower, Poppy jewelry, Hair clip,red poppy

  • handmade polymer clay hair barrette – bridal hair flower – Spring blossom hair flower, Hair accessories, Flower hair clip, Jasmine blossom hair clip, Spring flower, hair clip

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