Unique pieces of polymer clay jewelry

Every day friendship and quality people should be celebrated. To surprise my best friends, I thought about offering them a piece of jewelry, to let them know I appreciate their friendship, and also thank them for all the good moments we have been through the years . In order to complete my plan, I invited some good advisors at this event, my mom and one of my best friend, and together we picked up our favorite designs. Hope you will find your precious one piece within this selection.

Guess you never heard a woman telling she has enough jewelry, or am I wrong? 🙂

I start my selection with this wonderful colored bracelet. The flower theme is always a hit and can be used as accessory all seasons. More patterns can be found here.

What a nice and happy colored necklace. This piece of jewelry will for sure turn heads around. Through the usage of small and larger elements the wow effect is assured.

A simple and elegant bracelet I found here. It can be used as accessory for a black dress at the perfect dinner for two.

This blue necklace is one of my favorites, I have to admit. Lots of patterns, simply combined in one piece of jewelry, can we ask for more? I don’t think so…

The butterfly is also one of my favorites. I usually wear it in the summer at our friend’s garden party. Good mood is always a must when wearing such a piece of the art.

We do not have to forget about earrings, isn’t it? Sometimes less means more this is the reason I always have a few pairs of funny earrings. Lots of colors and diversified designs give you a hard time when choosing the right ones.

Beautiful stones are also a beloved pattern. Easy to accessorize to almost each outfit, this designs can be used for the office as for the free time spent with friends.

On Dana’s Fashion blog I found this colorful necklace. I found the theme very original and imagine this piece of jewelry can be a hit at a child or baby shower party. For sure one of my friends will initiate lots of laughs when wearing it.

Another pair of elegant and beautiful earrings. Can we ask for more? For sure this blossom earrings will bring joy to each glance. I could imagine wearing them also on receptions with a nice pair of red shoes.

A little bit abstract but this jewelry piece will be a hit at a theme party as Halloween. The combination of red and dark blue will assure the best party effect when dancing on the dance floor.

Bracelets are beautiful when worn in pairs. You can add up to five such pieces around your wrist. It will look absolutely amazing. Suitable to be worn in the office or all other occasions, a pair of bracelets is a must for every woman.

Another necklace with funny M&M and marshmallows theme…simply delicious. Having a garden party with friends where you serve also sweets? This accessory is then a must!

Rings, I totally forgot about them. With a diverse layer of colors, you can create as much designs as wanted. Just pick one color and a pattern and let your mind create exceptional rings. Each occasion is a different reason to create a new ring.

On Tanja Montagner’s site I found this lovely necklace. Through the combination of bright colors each person who will wear this necklace will have the perfect summer look.

Colorful earrings for hot summer days or simply when adding a stain of brightness to your outfit. With this pair of earrings nothing can go wrong!

Ever wondered if you could wear such a masterpiece? For sure you will find the right way to put such a necklace in the right spot of light. At the office or simply when going shopping, this piece of jewelry is the best option for you.

Sometimes elegance has nothing to do with linear shapes or one colored design. The above necklace proves that a change of color can bring elegance to each outfit it you have the guts to step out from the obvious.

Delicious and colorful, these are two elements that best describe the above necklace. For sure my friend who loves sweets will appreciate this gift.

And we remain at the delicious examples with the strawberries necklace. Combined as a fruity string it looks pretty and has the wow effect. From my point of view everyone should have such a piece of jewelry to wear in the summer days.

A classic and conservative bracelet with blossom design. Because of its various usage it can be offered as a gift to all friends. Another plus is the multitude of colors that make this polymer clay jewelry the perfect accessory.

Amrita handart is definitely something on my favorites list. With its simply elegance you just cannot stop wishing to have such a bracelet. Easy to accessorize through the pastel colors, this polymer clay jewelry is a must have for us all.

The last piece on my list is a necklace inspired by nature. These designs are very popular these days therefore it cannot be otherwise than a perfect gift.

Hope you enjoyed this walk through polymer clay jewelry pieces and found interesting ideas for your next shopping tour. Enjoy!

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