Polymer clay simple necklace tutorial

I want to share with you a simple, affordable and very inspiring polymer clay necklace tutorial. Believe me it’s an easy polymer clay necklace tutorial! Enjoy it and when in best mood be creative!

For this polymer clay necklace tutorial it is necessary to have:

  • Polymer clay in gray and three more colors to choose from;
  • Paste machine or rolling pin;
  • Cutters of different diameters;
  • Knife, dots, sandpaper;
  • Black acrylic paint;
  • Matte varnish for polymer clay;

As a first step in creating a beautiful polymer clay necklace you have to roll out a layer of gray clay and press it with a circle mold or what shape you want the pendant. You can leave it smooth, you can make some drawing.

Take a knife or a cutter and make dashes (stems), dotted dotted.

With a hard brush change the texture of the clay as shown in the picture below.

Take three different colors, roll them thinly and cut out four small circles.

Put them at the end of every line.

Then you have to divide the mugs into segments, in the center and on the edges, again, dot the dot. Cut out your pendant, and bake at the desired temperature.

In the meantime, you continue your project by making the beads to assemble our pendant.

If you use a wood beads, wrap them with clay otherwise mold some beads. Like on the pendant, you have to make the decor of the beads, this time without the stems, only the flowers.

Don’t forget to bake the beads 😉 This should look like the result!

Apply a matte varnish and wait until is dry.

This is the beautiful polymer clay necklace that result



I found this beautiful polymer clay necklace tutorial here.

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